Finance Apps

This week, April 21-28, is Money Smart Week and it is a great time to give your financial skills a boost with one of these helpful free apps.


Mint (available on iOS and Android) is a great app for overall money management of your spending, bills, and account balances.


Dollarbird (available on iOS and Android) is great if you prefer to plot your finances out on a calendar.


 Good Budget (available on iOS and Android) is useful if you like to budget using the envelope method.


Clarity Money (available on iOS and Android) is also an excellent budgeting app choice.


Acorns (available on iOS and Android) lets you invest small amounts on an ongoing basis if you want a simple way to begin investing.


Digit (available on iOS and Android) will help you save by monitoring your accounts to see what “extra” money is usually there and not being spent and transfer it to a savings account.


Splitwise (available on iOS and Android) lets you divvy up costs between friends, family, or roommates overtime so you can reimburse them in larger chunks.


Bstow (available on iOS and Android) helps you help others by rounding up your purchase amounts and donating the change to a charity of your choice.

If these aren’t enough or you’d rather up your financial IQ before downloading try this free Smart About Money course.


Note-taking Apps

As you go through your day there may come a moment when you need to jot something down but lack a paper and pen. Now with our smart phones ever-present there are note-taking apps that can help you out. Unlike phone only note apps, these save your note to be accessed across multiple devices. All apps are available for free from Apple and Android app stores.

evernoteEvernote (available on iOS & Android) – In addition to note-taking, this app lets you clip web pages and images; search for text inside images; share and discuss notes with others; and add a passcode for security. You get up to 60MB of uploads per month.

keepGoogle Keep (available on iOS & Android) – This tool lets you record audio notes, take screen grabs, and translate image to text in addition to writing notes. Pin important notes to the top and organize by changing the color of notes. Add others to your note for easy collaboration.

oneMicrosoft OneNote (available on iOS & Android) – This app is more than just lists. It can act as a true notebook. It has excellent organizational options – functioning on a colorful tab system. Notes can include audio and photos.

simpleSimplenote (available on iOS & Android) – Changes to notes are saved instantly and synced across devices. Finding notes is easy with simple search, and organization is made simple with tags. This also allows collaboration with multiple people. Want to go back before changes? You can – all notes are backed up.

workWorkFlowy (available on iOS & Android) – Highly regarded for its simple interface, this app makes collaboration easy with clean lists that include drop down menus, indentation, focus points, and tags.

Document Scanning Apps

 If you need to scan some documents but don’t have a computer with a scanner, there still might be a way: your smart phone. Any phone or tablet can be made into a scanner using these free apps. They easily create PDFs of your documents for you to share or save.

fastscanFast Scanner
(available on iOS and Android)

geniusscanGenius Scan
(available on iOS and Android)

tinyscanTiny Scanner
(available on iOS and Android)

(available on iOS and Android)

Have other items you’d like to scan? Come to any of the Scan Your Stuff programs at the library this fall. Slides, film negatives, pictures – you’ll be able to scan them all. No registration is required. Dates below:

Central Library – Saturday, September 10 from 10am-12pm
Gordon Avenue – Monday, September 26 from 6-8pm
Greene County Library – Tuesday, October 11 from 6-8pm
Louisa County Library – Monday, October 17 from 5:30-7:30pm
Nelson Memorial Library – Saturday, October 29 from 10:30am-12:30pm
Crozet Library – Wednesday, November 9 from 6:30-8:30pm