Books for Know-It-Alls

The Know-It-All series is perfect for readers who are on a quest to learn as much as possible about a particular subject in a short amount of time. Each book dissects its topic into the 50 most significant ideas at its heart and explains them in 300 words and a picture. If one of these topics interests you, you can check out the Know-It-All guide from your local library:

Know-It-All Anthropology edited by Simon Underdown – Examines the roots of our common humanity, the diversity of cultures and world-views, the organization of social relations and practices, and future directions of the study of humankind.

Know-It-All Biology edited by Nick Battey & Mark Fellowes – Tackles the vital science of life, dissecting the major theories of our ecosystems and ourselves.

Know-It-All Chemistry edited by Nivaldo Tro – Brings the science of matter out of the lab and boils it down to its essential elements.

Know-It-All Classical Music edited by Dr. Joanne Cormac – A guide to understanding the creative journey taken by classical music from the Middle Ages to the modern era.

Know-It-All Energy edited by Brian Clegg – Explores energy in all its forms, from the nuclear fusion reactor at the heart of the sun to the elusive dark energy which makes up most of the content of the universe.

Know-It-All Fashion edited by Rebecca Arnold – Provides an engrossing crash course of the modern fashion industry, from haute couture to high street, from catwalk to street style, and from glossy magazine to online blog. Continue reading