Stress and the Holidays

meditation_34923874 (1)Holidays can be stressful. Between visiting with family members and picking out gifts, this time of year can be hard (and it doesn’t help that the weather isn’t great). Luckily, your local library is offering ways to help you de-stress. Central Library is offering an Invitation to Weaving Workshop on December 1, Northside Library will be hosting a Holiday Season Meditation on December 4, and the Louisa County Library is hosting a Starry Night Program on December 10.

Check out our calendar for even more events.

You can also stop by the library and pick up a book about dealing with stress. Here are a few titles to get you started:

The Mindful Day by Laurie Cameron – Noted teacher and mindfulness expert Laurie Cameron shows how to seamlessly integrate mindfulness practice into your life. Straightforward exercises designed for busy schedules from the morning commute to back-to-back meetings to family dinners show how mindfulness practice can help you navigate any situation with control and clarity.

Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me by Charlamagne Tha God – Details the ways anxiety has been a driving force in Charlamagne’s life since childhood. Even after achieving national prominence as a radio personality, Charlamagne still found himself paralyzed by thoughts that he wouldn’t be able to take his career to the next level. But now he is working through these problems with help from mentors, guests on his show, and therapy. He knows therapy and showing weakness are anxiety producing in the black community, but this is one of the reasons he wants to own his truth- to clear a path for others in hopes that they won’t feel shame while dealing openly with their mental health.

The Age of Overwhelm (ebook) by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky – Offers concrete strategies to help us mitigate harm, cultivate our ability to be decent and equitable, and act with integrity. The Age of Overwhelm aims to help ease our burden of overwhelm, restore our perspective, and give us strength to navigate what is yet to come.

For kids:
Just Breathe by Mallika Chopra – Includes practical advice on breathing techniques and guided meditations for a number of topics and scenarios, including: dealing with stress; getting to sleep; building self-confidence; focusing on school/tests/other work; and ridding oneself of anxiety.

Stress Management Books

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Everyone deals with stress, but it’s how we go about dealing with it that matters. While finding a professional to talk to may be the best recourse when times are tough, the next time you find yourself looking for ways to overcome the various stressors that affect your life you can try out one of these books available from your local library:

Hack Your Anxiety by Alicia H. Clark – Weaving together modern neuroscience, case studies, interviews, and personal anecdotes, this guide demonstrates how anxiety can be reclaimed as a potent force for living our best lives.

Stop, Breathe, Chill by Beth Stebner – Presents mindfulness exercises designed to help teens and young adults focus on the present and avoid stressing about the future.

Anxiety Happens by John P. Forsyth & Georg H. Eifert – Offers 52 quick and powerful mindfulness-based strategies to help readers break free from fear, worry, and panic, and cultivate genuine, lasting happiness.

The End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey – Uses the latest research in neuroscience and neuroplasticity to offer a four-step process to eliminating stress by switching the brain’s auto-pilot from habitual stress and anxiety to a calmer state.

Project You by Aubre Andrus – Shares over 50 ideas for destressing, relaxing, and finding balance, including taking a staycation, playing mood music, starting a nature journal, and practicing good posture.

Modern Mindfulness by Rohan Gunatillake – Covers the basic principles and techniques of mindfulness meditation and presents 60 exercises which show how the practice can be incorporated into daily life.

The Stress Test by Ian Robertson – An eye-opening study of why we react to pressure in the way we do and how to be energized rather than defeated by stress.

The Upside of Stress by Kelly McGonigal – Combining science, stories, and exercises, a respected health psychologist uses cutting-edge discoveries and new research to overturn long-held beliefs about stress, revealing how it can make people stronger, smarter, and happier if they learn how to embrace it.